star_50.png Our Wood Has As Much Character As Your Great Aunt Betty... and is better looking too.

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We are a family-owned and operated company that is committed to providing our customers not only with beautiful products but with an experience in quality wood products.  We all share our enthusiasm and passion for wood with everyone we meet- and we've found that its contagious! As individuals we are from a variety of backgrounds with many different talents but as a company we come together with a collective vision for sharing our love of wood through our products and designs.

Jared Groebner, Head Dude
Jared heads up the production and finishing teams as well as leads the company's research and development of products. He worked under a master carpenter and cabinet maker for many years before attending the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where he received his Bachelor's degree in Architecture. With a deep appreciation for all things wood and a knack for finding beauty where others assume waste, Jared's passion inspires creativity and enthusiasm in the shop.

Amanda Groebner, Boss of Everything
Amanda is the main contact for sales, product questions, billing, shipping, advertising and, well, almost everything. Hence, the title Boss of Everything! She attended Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design with an emphasis in Historic Restoration. Her enthusiasm for barns started at a young age as she spent many hours playing in the barn's hay mow at her family's farm - which is where the company is now located!

Amanda and Jared Groebner

LOCATION:  Our entire sales and production operation is located in a rural Minnesota setting, situated 15 miles East of Willmar or 81 miles West of Minneapolis.  Our facility is comprised of a 6-acre site that includes a lumber yard, a production shop and a separate finishing shop.  The production takes place in a converted barn which is quite fitting for all the barn wood we use! 

MATERIAL & INVENTORY:  Our inventory varies greatly from several hundred board feet to thousands of board feet of lumber depending on the wood availability and orders in production.  Our reclaimed materials are primarily sourced from barn and commercial structures from the Midwest, though we often bring in materials from other parts of the country.  The rescued wood is sourced from mills throughout the Midwest.